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The Western Allegheny County Municipal Authority is a Consecutive Water System. This means that we buy and resell our water and do not have any type of treatment facilities. Our water supply is drawn from three different sources. The first and largest supply is from the Pennsylvania American Water Company (PAWC) their two sources of water are both considered surface water. Pennsylvania American Water Company maintains two treatment facilities on the Monongahela River capable of processing a combined maximum of 110 million gallons of water per day.

The second source of water comes from the Moon Township Municipal Authority (MTMA). Their source of water comes from several wells which draw from an aquifer, located below the Ohio River, and is considered ground water, Both of these supplies combine together and, depending on conditions at any given time, you may be receiving your water from any of these sources, or a combination of all.

The third source comes from Robinson Township Municipal Authority (MATR). Their source comes from the Ohio River, which is considered surface water. This connection is now utilized as an emergency back-up only.

The potential sources of contamination for the surface water source included accidental pollution from industrial treatment plants, combined sewer overflows, and rupture of petroleum and gas pipelines.

Non-point sources of potential contamination include discharges from recreation and commercial boating. Also, storm water runoff from transportation corridors and from urban/developed areas may lead to contamination.

During 2020, 342,908,565 million gallons of water were delivered through our storage and distribution institutional, and industrial customers.


Additional information available at the following websites:
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection:,
United States Environmental Protection Agency:
Centers for Disease Control and Protection:

Safe drinking water hotline: (800) 426-4791.
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