Is there fluoride in the water?
1 ppm is added to assist in the prevention of dental cavities.

Why is there a chemical smell?
This is due to adjusted levels of chlorine depending upon the weather and river conditions.

How hard is the water?
Hardness levels range from 68 ppm to 330 ppm or 4 to 19 grains per gallons of water.

How much sodium is in the water?
The sodium level is approximately 73 ppm.

Why does the tap water sometimes look milky?
During the time of the year when the water coming into the house is colder than the temperature inside the house this phenomenon can occur. Cold water holds more oxygen than warm water does, consequently when the cold water from the water mains outside come inside our warm homes, and the water begin to warm, the oxygen has to escape. It does so by bubbling out in the air bubbles which makes the water look milky. A visual example of this is to run water into a clear container and observe for a short time. If the water clears from the bottom to the top of the container then the phenomenon described is occurring. The air bubbles are moving from the bottom to the top of the container to escape into the open atmosphere.

When will my deposit be returned?
When you discontinue service, your deposit is credited to your final bill and the balance, if any is refunded by check in the account name.

Why do I have to a pay minimum charge when I don’t use my services?
All active accounts are billed for a minimum charge as stipulated in the Water Authorities Act.

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