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WACMA Board of Directors
WACMA Board Meetings are held every third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at the Authority Office at 403 Virginia Drive, Oakdale Pa 15071.

Patrick J. Fleck Jr. –Chairman
Judy A. Dewey – Co-Chairperson
John Mc Grogan – Treasurer                                                                                  Thomas Meyers – Asst. Secretary & Treasurer
Russel Hottenfeller – Secretary                                                                                Raymond Owens – Manager
Nadine Petock – Recording Secretary
Attorney- Kate Dierson, Goehring Rutter & Boehm– Solicitor
David Nichols of Nichols & Slagle Engineering – Consulting Engineer
Cottrill, Arbutina Professional Services – Auditor

General Manager – Raymond Owens
Admin Assist. – Nadine Petock
Receptionist/ Clerk – Carol Wagner
Billing/ Accts Payable – Karen Flora
Superintendent – Larry Mezynski
Utility Technicians – William Stewart, Mike Dolfi, & Mark Falconer.

All commercial accounts and some residential accounts with sprinkler systems are required to install and maintain the appropriate backflow prevention device. This device is to be tested yearly by a Certified Plumber who is to complete a Test & Maintenance Field Data Report for the Western Allegheny County Municipal Authority.

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